Caw, damnit, caw!

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Flain P. Falcon
31 December 1982
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You walk into an online journal of Flain. You look around and see contact information, some interests, friends, and an icon. Your exits are [back] and [home].
>Look Icon

You take a look at the icon. From the information that you can gather he is probably one of those furry types. He frankly doesn’t give too much of a crap if you hate him or not for it.
>Look interests

Checking out his interests you find that he is currently in college working on his bachelors degree. In the times that he is not doing something productive you could probably find him wallowing in his room playing video games and watching pornography. Hey, he will never deny being a man of the simple pleasures of life.
>Look friends

Below you see friends. Wanna be one? Well, I guess you could go on the journal and say stuff like, “Hey, your awesome, add me”. Then again you could just add him to your friends list and he will add you shortly after, but you will acquire less brownie points. And brownies are nice.
>Attack Flain

Flain Flees.